I need a new coffee maker

My wife destroys my coffee pots. She breaks them all the time. Since we’ve been img_0007.jpgmarried I think we’ve gone through at least 12 coffee makers. There was a time frame of 4 years that I quit drinking coffee. My last coffee maker has made it the longest. Over 2 years. It’s not that it’s been expensive to replace them, I get them free from joining Gevalia. I sign up for a new service, get the coffee and a new maker then cancel. I still get the regular ground Gevalia Kaffe every 4 months because that’s what I like the best. Well I decided to try their new coffee pods (the new single serve coffee). My thinking was, no pot to break, it’s only me drinking coffee so I don’t feel like I need to drink a whole pot of coffee. I don’t like it. It doesn’t taste right. It’s almost as bad as the coffee at work. And I HAVE to use a flavored creamer there to drink it. I’ll use up all the pods they sent then throw this thing away and sign up for some other new service to get a new coffee pot. I get them for free. Why not?



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3 responses to “I need a new coffee maker

  1. derickonfire

    Free stuff must be taken advantage of!

  2. Free is always good! 🙂

  3. Hmmm, maybe I should do the freebie thing?
    My coffee makers usually just wear out. The heating element always burns out!

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