Getting older …

I have noticed little things over the last few months that are making me look and feel older. Some are obvious. I am going gray. My beard and my hair. Not a problem. All of my hair is still there so I’m okay with gray. Some are not so obvious. I have been fighting a sinus infection (apparently a very deep rooted one) since before April. I’m loosing that battle. But that’s not what’s making me older.

I’ve been using Flonase and one other nasal spray antihistamine. On top of that I have been taking ZyrtechD. So I’ve got a lot of nasal stuff going on. Been blowing my nose a bunch. Wellllll … this is gross, but it’s what makes me feel old. I blew and felt something “hanging” afterwards. I got more tissues and wiped .. no good it was still there. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. There, protruding from my left nostril was a long, thick black hair. Okay not a problem. Everyone has ’em, right? Yeah, but not one that had to be every bit of three inches in length. I grabbed it and tugged. It was not coming out. I guess I could not get enough of a grip on it. Maybe it was too snot covered or something. I could not find any tweezers so I went to the garage and grabbed a pair of Vise-Grip needlenose pliers.

Now if WIFE would have been home I could imagine our conversation – she’d ask why I was taking pliers into the bathroom. I would say I was having problems getting something out … And from there it would spiral downward. Fortunately it was only me and Shadow at home. And all she did was look up from the couch when I walked though the room. I didn’t have to explain the pliers to her.

I got back to the bathroom, tipped my head back, clamped onto the hair and tugged. Not coming out I thought. Okay, in all my boyhood wisdom, I let go of the pliers and just let them hang there … looked cool to have tools hanging from my hose. Well I resume my struggle and just jerked the thing out. WRONG MOVE! It hurt so bad my eyes watered (grown men don’t cry). It hurt so bad, I swear a think an eyebrow or two came out with that hair. I swore a bit to myself because it was stinging and really hurt. Of course I thought that I’ve gotta keep this and measure it. I lost it before I could measure it.

Does anyone make an affordable nose-cam so I can look for other freaky long nose hairs?

Now if I can just figure out why it feels like something is tickling/crawling in my ears all the time ….



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2 responses to “Getting older …

  1. Belle

    I was glad to see that I’m not the only one that has this strange feeling in my ear!!! I wonder what it could be! I google’d the idea because I thought maybe there was someone else out there who could tell me what it was! If you ever find out… please let me know.



  2. hair growing in my ear … ewww … gross … now i’m just like the old men on the bench at the mall .. hair in my ear … that’s the tickling feeling!!

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