Mornings, belt buckles, windows and kids

sunup.jpgI like getting up early. I am usually up before the sun is every day. Including weekends. Even on vacation days. It’s an internal clock thing. I do sometimes go back to bed, but most mornings I get up, get ready for the day, let the dog out and go to work or read or surf the ‘net or whatever. Good mornings set the pace for the day. If I’m running late the day is rushed. If I am on time or early things go much smoother. I find that morning is the best time for me to exercise. If I get up on time at 4:30 I have time to run for 45 minutes before work. If not, I run right after work. Mornings for me are my alone time. Everyone is home and asleep. The house is quiet. Just me (and Shadow unless she gets in bed with WIFE). I do my Bible study in the mornings before work. It’s also my time for prayer. And seeing a sunrise like this, on mornings after a great prayer time it really drives home the majesty of God’s creation.

The nice thing about having been exercising is being able to see my belt buckle without having to look in a mirror to see it. It’s not that I was fat, but I had “dunlops disease” … my stomach had just started to dunlop over my belt. Well I noticed this morning that I was able to look down and see my belt buckle. I even had to punch a new hole in the belt for it to fit snugly. Otherwise my pants would droop … not a pretty sight when you don’t have much of a butt to hold them up. I’m not really trying hard to lose the weight. It’s not an obsession. I think people who “diet” become obsessed and fail. My plan includes running/jogging/walking 3 miles every other day, instead of eating 2 hamburgers or 3 hot-dogs, eat one, eat some veggies, wait and see if I’m still hungry. I guess that’s just called eating more sensibly. I call it listening to my stomach. I take my supplements daily including a fiber supplement. The exercise and Cholestacare supplement has helped with my high triglycerides as well. And I just feel so much better. I don’t weigh myself, I just look and can see a difference.

I have an appointment today with a replacement window comapny. They happened to be doing cold calls in the neighborhood and caught me at home. We have needed new windows for years. They have never been a priority. The company was looking for homes that needed to have replacement windows installed. The sales rep said we fit the bill. Original windows with additional storm windows installed, corner lot, nice landscaping (that last one was a stretch in my opinion). Here’s the basic rundown, we let them shoot before and after photos, place a sign in the yard and agree to be a reference for future installs. And in return, I get the installation for free including any labor to trim out the vinyl siding and 1/2 off the cost of the windows. I’ve priced doing it myself and I can do it for $2000 with vinyl replacements. One estimate I got years ago was $6000 for Pella wood windows with the blinds inside the glass. Well, all perfectly laid plans are tossed aside when you have kids.

DAUGHTER-2 sat on a pencil yesterday. And the lead (now it’s graphite so it’s not poisonous) broke off in her leg. She won’t let us get the tip out and clean it. WIFE called the doctor and got an appointment for the same time the window guy is supposed to show up. On top of that DAUGHTER-1 has to stay after school today to make up a test and needs to be picked up at the same time the window guy is supposed to be there. So I should be able to get DAUGHTER-1 with no problem. I won’t make the doctor appointment with DAUGHTER-2. And the window guy will have to wait 5 minutes to give me the pitch. I think that covers everything until the next mini-crisis pops up.


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