I caved under pressure

I caved in under pressure. I never do that. Ever! Yet I did. Yesterday I had someone from Ferguson Window Company of Cincinnati stop by. He did a demo of the windows and did his pitch. We measured windows. He worked up a price ($13,000). I told him he was nuts. He called his boss. He dropped his price ($6,900) provided I let them take pictures, write a statement about the work done and let them put a sign in my yard for 30 days. Told him he was still nuts. He called the owner and dropped his price again ($5,500) and they put 2 signs in my yard, one on each street (we have a corner lot). He said the pricing was “good for today only”.  I signed a work order and gave him a deposit check. We had priced out windows once before and $6000 was the estimate then. Well I called 2 guys I know and had them come by afterwards. They both quoted me half the $5500. I read my work order and found a clause that says I have 3 days to cancel. To cancel I had to write “I hereby cancel” on the bottom of the contract and fax them a copy. I did that at 6am. I am calling the credit union today when they open to stop payment on the check.



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3 responses to “I caved under pressure

  1. The credit union charges $15 to stop payment on a check. It wasn’t really necessary to do that. The company had not done anything with it. The sales rep had not made it back to the office until this morning. I spoke with an account manager and she said they got my fax and would be mailing me back my check, the credit app and paystubs (they were going to finance it). The sales person I spoke with has already called twice. Both times were when I was in a meeting. I’ll have to call him back.

  2. Alicia

    He’s calling to talk you back into it! He reeled one in!

  3. LOL! I have yet to touch bases with him. We’ve played phone tag. – Update: He called just after I posted this. They dropped the price to $4,058. They must be getting “close” to their real pricing.

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