Lock down

Our local schools are locking down entrances to the schools. DAUGHTER-2 told me about it this morning. The elementary school used to have four doors available for the kids to go in during the mad morning rush. Not anymore. One door. All the kids have to go through one door. I know this is fact because this morning I had to take DAUGHTER-2 to school. Tomorrow is her birthday and she had a treat to take her class (there’s no school Friday to teacher conferences). I needed to help her carry things in. Normally you are not allowed into the elementary parking lot unless you have a kindergartner to drop off or supplies .. we had “supplies” and we were allowed in! We park and grabbed all her treats and her book-bag and took off to the only open entrance.

Once inside we were greeted by 2 teachers who were looking me over. I wasn’t stopped when the principal called out a good morning to me. She probably thought I was there to discuss a problem, but once she saw the treats she was more than happy to see me. I’m not a problem parent! Honest. We’ve just had a few incidents that the school handled very poorly. We let it go, but anything else that comes up, I no longer hesitate.

I got DAUGHTER-2 to her class and finally realized why the sudden change in accessing the school. The recent shootings. I had to go back out the same way I came in and sure enough the principal was will there. I went up to her and told her “Thank you for keeping DAUGHTER-2 safe.” She said I was the first parent to thank her. She’s gotten nothing but complaints from parents since the decision was made to control access to the building. So it means my kid has to walk 100 yards to get to her classroom instead of 15 yards. Big whoop! She’s 11. She’s got the energy. And what better way to get the heart and mind going than with a little bit of exercise before first period! If anything the teachers will notice a difference.


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