I don’t understand girls

We had the pleasure of hosting a birthday party for DAUGHTER-2 last night from 6 until 9pm. There were eight, 10 to 12 year old girls at our house. I think they are entering the beginning stages of TABDD (Teen Aged Brain Damaged Disease). I have a theory that all teenagers go through a brain damaged phase. Where they think know they are smarter than their parents adults. They think know they are smarter than anyone around them. This disease is most apparent in high school teens and it lasts until they graduate from college .. or until they start having to live on their own. I think having to pay rent or make a house payment snaps them out of it. But I digress …

What is it with girls and screaming? Why do they do it? Is it necessary? How is it possible that their screams can penetrate a brick wall with insulation and drywall and be heard over a television? Why do they continue to scream when you’ve asked them to stop? And how many times do you have to ask them to stop before they will stop? And how in the world did they manage to eat two 18 inch and a 12 inch pizza, a bag and a 1/2 of chips along with cookie-cake and ice cream? No, the screaming didn’t start after the consumption of junk food, it started when they arrived. I had worked myself up to the event by repeating over and over that it’s only for 3 hours …. I was shocked to find out that was not true. Three arrived with DAUGHTER-2 after school …. I had 5 hours of pleasant screams and running and shouting and screaming and singing and dancing and running and shouting and screaming and singing and dancing and … you get the picture right?

I was rather surprised and pleased that Shadow (the dog) didn’t become Shadowneurotic with all the commotion. She’s just like me, she likes peace and quiet. But last night she would just plop down in the living room with me and watched television, occassionally checking on the girls downstairs. We worried that we might have to cage her if things got to crazy. But I think she took her queues from me. I calmly worked my way through the partying of mini-estrogen-laden, screaming, sugared up, caffine reved, set free for a long weekend pre-teen females. I only got upset once and it was when I had to run out and help WIFE’s grandma. When I got back the girls were running around outside screaming (their screams carried through the walls). I came in and Shadow was trying to get out. I stepped on her paw and tripped over someone’s bag next to the door. I snapped and made Shadow go downstairs … but I quickly recovered and let her come back up. She was just trying to get outside to make sure the girls were ok. She was doing her “job”. We asked repeatedly that they stop the screaming while running around outside. It didn’t stop until we told them it was bed time.



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7 responses to “I don’t understand girls

  1. Miles Away

    I don’t understand men…

  2. Sorry to hear that … maybe if you tried being clear and asking questions and perhaps even try listening you might get a glimpse of what we are all about.

  3. Thanks for visit. (I detox with 2 tbsps cider vinegar to 2 quarts filtered water drunk all day. More if needed. Plus my usual spirulina tablets.) There are many detox ways I use the KISS system and do it one day here and there.

    Teenage girls always scream especially when at pop concerts. I did and never knew why as I hate the sound.

    Shadow looks wonderful. Amazed she didn’t get over excited ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Miles Away

    I think I’m very up front about what I want and I also ask questions, maybe too many. As far as listening goes, actions speak louder than words. I don’t see much in line with my own desires.

  5. Not sure I follow how my stating I don’t understand why little girls scream at the drop of a hat translates to me caring whether or not you understand men.

  6. And to think I have over 10 years to go before the screaming stops. Ughhh!

  7. HAHA! It only gets worse as they get bigger. My 14 year old does it with her friends! I think it’ll end when my girls move out … and I pray for grandsons! ๐Ÿ™‚

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