I hate being on-call

advisorgold_large.jpgI only have to do it 5 times a year for a week at a time. That’s not too bad really. I’ve worked places where I was on-call 24x7x365. Why do I dislike it so much? Because since I’ve become a Team Lead I’ve lost my technical edge. It’s there, just a little behind the times. I’ve not done any of the new things we’ve been working on. The good thing is we have a great group of people and if I get stuck on something I know I can page someone to help. Just not at 3am.

I learned something last summer that changed my view about being on-call. I worked with our company’s Production Support teams for 3 months. They take a ton of crap and do it daily. They get it from managers, systems engineers, customers … and when they do get reamed for something it sounds awful, and they just take it. I swore that when I got back to my department, that whenever I had to deal with them I would do my best to let them know I appreciate their efforts and will help them resolve issues even if the issue is with another department. I will try to give them as much info as I can and support them when routing the trouble tickets to other on-call departments. And sometimes it means I have to take it from other departments until they read the docs I provided to the Production Support folks .. and there never is an apology … well sometimes there is.



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2 responses to “I hate being on-call

  1. Alicia

    Do you work with Chuck Carter? He was up til 4 am on Sat morning for work at the same place.

  2. Nope .. know the name however. I got paged at 3-something. Worked on some other stuff. Started to get sleepy when back to bed at 5am. Got paged at 5:47 so I just decided to stay up.

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