Yeah! Monday!

WorkFirst off … WOOOO HOOOOO! My 100th post! Ok … Why am I so happy it’s Monday? That means at 8am I am not on-call as a primary person. I don’t have to do on-call again until Dec. 22nd. I will be able to sleep. I don’t sleep very well when I’m on-call. I’m “listening” for the pager. If I wake up and turn over I check the pager. It’s a paranoid feeling … that I’ve missed a page. I usually take the entire weekend, but with WIFE’s birthday being this past weekend I made arrangements to be able to take her out. My on-call partner is also a pastor at a small church. He didn’t mind as long as it wasn’t between 9am and noon on Sunday. He covered Saturday from 1pm until midnight and 1pm until 2:30pm yesterday for me.

DAUGHTER-2 had a soccer game from 1pm until 2:20pm. We lost. it’s not been a good year. Last year was my best season ever 6 wins and 3 losses and a tie. This year is a tie for my worst. We are at 3 wins and 6 losses and we don’t play our last game until the 21st. It’s not about winning for me. My goal is to make sure the kids learn the skills, improve their existing skills and have fun. Yes, winning is part of the fun, but they really are not all that concerned with winning. I’ve tried really hard to play that down this year. Our SAY league kinda set us up to fail. They put a “Are you interested in playing select soccer” check box on the registration form. I had 15 girls at the start of the season, I got 3 more that were cut from select. It was hard for me to take them .. I stronly dislike big teams. You can never develop any momentum because you have to change out players .. each girl plays 1/2 a game. SAY rules. When you have 4 girls with no experience you have to mix them in with the experienced ones. It’s a juggling act that is difficult …

Long weekend in a way. I got a bunch done … cut grass, closed the pool, answered pages, coached soccer, answered pages and played with the dog. But I am ready for sleep. And that is what I will do tonight.

So .. YEAH for MONDAY!



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2 responses to “Yeah! Monday!

  1. You’re quite the busy bee šŸ™‚
    Once again, I’m glad you’ll get some sleep.
    That’s one luxury I wish I had more of.

  2. busy busy busy .. stop .. breath .. busy busy busy! You’re right. I am busy. But it’s really not that bad. And unfortuantely I’m still wide awake at 10:15pm. I’m praying you will get a good nights sleep as well buddy!

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