Sleeping with a dog

My dog! Jeez you people have filth minds. I have a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) who thinks shadowcouch.jpgshe’s a tiny little lap-dog. In reality she is 93lbs and 26 inches at the shoulders. That’s huge for a female and on the large end for a male. And when our bedtime routine starts she finds a way to sneak up to the bedroom and will get in “the big bed”. She thinks she’s pulled one over on us by “hiding” there. You cannot hide a dog that big! Usually I make her go to her cage to sleep. But last night I was just too tired. I got in bed and she moved closer to WIFE and plopped back down. I fell asleep before the news came on. Next thing I know Shadow has her head on my shoulder and her front leg draped across my chest as the news was going off.

Not sure when she rolled over, but at 3am she had her head on my pillow and had just about pushed me out of the bed. Well not really. It’s me. I can’t stand to have someone touching me when I sleep. So I always move away from WIFE or Shadow or the kids … it’s a personal space thing. I went down to the couch and sacked out there until 5am. I overslept! Oh well, I had to rush to get ready but it’s not that big a deal.

You know, it was really neat having her cuddle up to me. Made me feel special because she does not get that close with anyone else. She’s very much like me …

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