Free stuff is cool!!

Remember how I was talking about needing a new coffee maker? Gevalia comes through largecoffee.jpgagain! They sent me a flier in the mail to get a new coffee maker if I sign up for their service. I already have their service but hey, I can sign up again. There was nothing in the flier about being an existing customer. I called the 800 number in the flier. Spoke with a service rep and gave her all my info. She said I already had an account and I was not eligiable for the offer. I told her there was nothing about that in the flier. I gave her the code numbers off the flier, she looked it up and there was no stipulation about existing members. She said they could not send me the free coffee, but she would send me a coffee maker for free since the error was on their part! I love free stuff! And I love Gevalia Kaffe!! Thanks Gevalia!


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