My village stinks!

Literally! Starting tomorrow night around 6pm my sleepy little village will be over run by tens of thousands of people. It’s the Sauerkraut Festival. Every year, the second weekend of October begins a ritual of making the whole town smell like cooked cabbage. I guess I should be glad it’s not the Kimchi festival. And it will stink until sometime early next week.

Forget about ordering any food in town and expecting it to be delivered or having the ability to pick it up. And getting to the postoffice or grocery store is out of the question as well.

And if you need gas for the mowers, good luck getting it on Saturday or Sunday at the local BP or Marathon stations. You cannot go anywhere in town because it’s either blocked off or the friggin rent-a-cop nazi stormtroopers won’t let you drive there or the traffic is wayyyyy to bad. I won’t even elaborate on what happened last year. But I was threatened to be charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

On top of that I have to deal with people parking in front of or along side the house and picking up their trash.

Ok – Confession time. I hate strongly dislike crowds. I hate strongly dislike people in general. Most people are self-centered, egotistical and rude. That’s why I hate strongly dislike the malls, popular restaraunts, sporting events (unless I’m coaching or taking photos) and concerts. You put people in a crowd and they get stupid. they do stupid stuff (the wave). They forget how to treat each other. I hate strongly dislike stupid people. Ask my wife and kids. They’ll tell you! Maybe hate is too strong a work.

I guess I have people issues. I’m one of those people who doesn’t need any one else around. I don’t need to talk or socialize. I could have been a hermit. So if I ever win the lottery, I’ll settle and take the lump sum, pay off all my bills, sell my home, buy new SUVs and move to the middle of no where. Somewhere in the Smokey Mountain foothills of Tennessee or perhaps Idaho or Montana. Away from everyone. Like my nearest neighbor is 5 miles away – far away. Like the nearest village/towne/hamlet is 100 miles away. Of course it’ll probably just be me and Shadow because WIFE wouldn’t go. No cell phone, no land line, no electricity, no dependence on others. Just me and the dog and my guns and cabin.

Ok … boy that went way off subject. And my village still stinks!



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2 responses to “My village stinks!

  1. Alicia

    I’ve never been to the sauerkraut festival, but I have heard that it is very popular. One of my former neighbors goes every year and always bought the cutest crap. I can’t imagine that the food is all that great as compared to say a strawberry festival!

  2. or the food at the potato festival!!! or the food at the pork festival!! 🙂

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