New tires

WIFE needed new tires on her Honda Pilot. Well not really “needed”, there was probably enough tread to get through the winter. But the last few times I drove it, I noticed the SUV just didn’t feel as sure footed. I started researching what tire was best. Then I set about trying to get the best price. The Michelin Cross Terrain was pretty much the top of the line in balancing performance, and ride comfort. I could not afford them. I was looking at $157 a tire before mounting and balancing. It was approaching $800 … ouch.

tire.jpgSo I did more research. I ended up with the Yokohama Geolander H/T-S. I could buy them online and have them shipped for $400 from or I could buy them from Big-O Tires (used to be Tire Kingdom). I bought local through Big-O. It’s hard to return tires to a website if there’s aproblem. 🙂 I noticed the outside edges on the Pilot’s front tires were wearing faster than the inside so I asked Big-O check the alignment. Big-O has their own tire they recommended made my Cooper tire. And it had 10K more “warranty” on the milage than the Yokohamas, but I could not find anything on the tire anywhere. I think it’s the Cooper Discoverer ATR. Big-O calls it the BigFoot A/T. Out the door for that tire was $491 and the alignment would have been another $60. I bought the Yokos and I got the Road Hazard, the free lifetime balance and rotation etc etc etc. Total out the door was $498.

Part of my search included the “Out the door for more” Tire Discounters. And they did want more, they wanted $630 for the Kelly Safari SUV tires. I looked at Good Year as well. GoodYear wanted $710 for the Fortera SilentArmor (these were my second choice after the Michelins). I settled on my third choice and I’m pretty pleased with them so far. WIFE noticed a difference in the ride as well. So I think I did good.

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