I am spoiled

I hate losing my internet connection. And last night TimeWarner – Western Ohio suffered an 8 (yes that is an eight) hour outage. Now, I’m not a RoadRunner customer, I just use their service. Earthlink is my ISP and they piggy-back on RoadRunner. About 4 years ago Earthlink partnered with TimeWarner and offered Broadband service in my area. I was an Earthlink customer on Sprint’s DSL service and I got to keep my email addresses when I migrated! Big plus! And I went from a 1.5MB connection to 3MB. Since then my speed has increased and I’m currently at 6MB and have been fairly please. Until recently.

Over the last 6 months I’ve had outages at least once a month lasting 3 hours or longer. It used to be if I ever had technical issues I just called the local TW office and spoke with a local person. 9 times out of 10 I got someone who knew what was going on. Last night I called the local office and got routed to the national RR service center, they would route me back to local, local would route me to national and finally national routed me to Earthlink. Earthlink doesn’t really treat my problem as if it were their problem, because Gee (yes that’s his name) dumped me back into the local RR support. The local guy said there was a problem with my modem and they would have someone out to the house on Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm. And he hung up. I went off to BSF and decided to call back into TW. I was greated with a message stating that there was a national data, voice and internet service outage. I finally got back into tech support and told them I think my problem was related to the national outage. Barb (the lady I spoke with) said it’s possible. I asked her to cancel my service appointment for Wednesday and she said there was nothing scheduled. Grrrrrr ….

I’m thinking of switching back to Embarq (formerly known as Sprint) DSL. Service can’t be any worse …


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