It’s Here!

It showed up yesterday! It came in a brown box. Not to big. Not to small. Just the right size.

The UPS guy brought it to the door. Shadow and I like the UPS guy. He brings us stuff. Cool stuff. Free stuff. Expensive stuff and sometimes cheap stuff. He’s going to be bringing us new ink for our printers, he’s going to bring us some steaks from Omaha. Yep, even Shadow gets a treat from Omaha Steaks.
So I took my new box into the kitchen and found a pair of scissors. I cut open the top of the box and there inside was what I have been waiting for all my life (or at least it feels like all my life)! There , nestled in the center of the box, among the white, crunchy packing peanuts, was another brown box! This is like Christmas! I get to open 2 boxes! I carefully remove the inner box, gently dusting off the packing peanuts that clung to the box through the forces of static electricity. I gently set the box down on the table next to the bigger box. I pushed the bigger box to the side as it has already served it’s purpose and delivered it load.

I sized up this new box and again reached for my kitchen scissors and cut the plastic tape across the top of the box. I carefully folded back the first flap, then the second. I was greeted by yet another set of flaps. I carefully folded them back as well. And there, on the top of the contents of the inner box, framed by the flaps I had just folded back, lay a set of instructions. I gingerly removed this set of instructions and read them from cover to cover. I glanced over the Spanish parts just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

My bliss of discovery was interrupted by a phone call. It was WIFE asking what kind of paper to buy for the printers that we are getting ink for later this week from the UPS guy. She mumbled something about bright white or cool light or blue white paper … something about multipurpose rooms or something. I told her to get whatever the third package was that she described. She was keeping me from the new arrival. And I was eager to get back to exploring the contents of this inner box. She said she could tell I was distracted so she was going to let me go … I don’t remember the rest of the conversation. But we always end our conversations with “I love you” and “I love you too”. Isn’t that sweet! Life’s to short NOT to tell those you love that you love them.

Back to my new box … it still had not revealed the glorious inner contents and I was dying to get back to undressing the contents of this box. I approached the box on the table, laid the phone down next to it and reach for the piece of white, glossy, heavy card stock that stood between me and ….

to be continued …



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2 responses to “It’s Here!

  1. Alicia

    Are you in a creative writing class or what – it’s a coffee maker! (Excellent writing by the way, where’s the rest?)

  2. I told you to be continued … geez. Wait for today’s installment.

    And stop spoiling it for the other readers. 😛

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