It’s Here! part 2

Now where was I …

Back to my new box … it still had not revealed the glorious inner contents and I was dying to get back to undressing the contents of this box. I approached the box on the table, laid the phone down next to it and reach for the piece of white, glossy, heavy card stock that stood between me and my second gift to open.

I lifted off the glossy white heavy card stock and saw the prize that I’ve so desired to embrace. It was wrapped in a heavy, yet clear plastic that was neatly tucked in around all the edges. I rubbed my hands together in anticipation and to warm them as there was a cool breeze coming through the kitchen window. I wanted to make sure my hands would be able to firmly hold the precious gift that awaited me in the plain cardboard box.

I gently slipped my hands inside the box on either side of the plastic wrap cocoon that protected my new gift. I held it’s sides firmly, yet with the gentle touch of a new lover. I slid the box’s cargo up over the edges and gently placed it on the table. I glanced back, into what I thought was the now empty box to confirm I had retrieved everything. I noticed a yellow slip of paper on the bottom of the box. I grew concerned as it probably was an addendum to instruction manual. I reach into the box and snapped up the piece of yellow paper. I turned the paper over and was relieved to see it was a “Inspected for Quality” tag with a number. I tossed the worthless piece of parchment aside, moved the empty box from the table to the floor. I was about to remove the shroud of plastic that kept be from touching my new, resplendent gift. I looked the wrappings over and discovered where I was to begin in peeling back the protective layers of plastic. I eagerly remove the plastic wrap to unveil my new, shiny, brilliant white and stainless steel, programmable, 12 cup Gevalia brand coffee maker.

Yep .. all that for a new, free, thanks for being a wonderful customer, sorry for the mistake, free, coffee maker. You have to understand, it was like being a kid and getting that once in a life-time gift that no one else got. The anticipation was almost as much as I felt on my wedding night! I was opening a gift that was mine and mine alone. Something to treasure and care for and keep safe and protected. (you can read that however you like but in case WIFE is reading I’m talking about her). Something that will bring me years of pleasure and enjoyment. My new, free (did I mention I got it free? no shipping charges either!) coffee maker. I think these two posts should tell you how much I hate my Single Serve Pod Coffee Maker.


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