My “Trick” for Halloween is on it’s way

About 4 years ago I did something really cool for my village’s Trick or Treat night. I actually had a trick lined up. curved.jpgWhen kids said Trick or Treat I’d say back “I have just the trick for you!” I’d reach into my pocket and pull out an optical illusion. And I would tell them if they could answer the question as to which card was bigger they could keep the “trick” AND get a treat. Everyone I asked got a “trick” and a treat. By the time the evening was up I had kids running up to the house asking if I was the guy who was passing out the magic trick. The cool thing is the “trick” is actually a tract that challenges the reader. I tell them there are instructions on the back as well as some other valuable information they may want to read. I ordered a set of 100. I know it’s not enough to give to everyone because we usually have about 300 kids come by. So not every kid gets one. I give them out to kids who are old enough to read. Sometimes I give them to adults because they ask for them but mostly to the kids. There are some other great “illusion” tracts, but you have to have really good light to see them. With tracts these you just need a little bit of light. When the cards arrive next week I will pray over them and ask the Lord to use me and the tracts and to open the eyes and hearts of those who get one of my “tricks”.

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