Better attitude today

It was so cold this morning …. here’s what my windshield looked like! iceywindshield.jpgI had to wait for it to thaw out. I could not find the ice scraper. I will have to make a stop at Wally-World on the way home.

Yesterday I was just pissed off. Today is much better.

And I apologize if you were in the wake of my bad attitude. I got hit with somethings yesterday that ticked me off and I wanted everyone around me to know I was ticked. It’s not a big deal, I just made it into one. I need to realize that most people are not very smart. In fact I’ve found that most people who think they are helping out, actually make more work for me in the long run. If I need to work on something, let me do it. If I tell you not to forward me “junk email” I really mean it! Regardless how cute or funny or religious or politically incorrect it the email is, I don’t want to see it. You can tell me about it. The other thing that bunches up my undies is email petitions. They are bogus. They never go anywhere, they are invalid because there is no way to validate the person who put their name on it … next time you get one of them, read the list of names … Let me know if you ever see “Richard Cranium” … ponder that name for a bit. I don’t need Cialis or Viagra (ask WIFE). I don’t need stock tips (unless it’s a recipe for a good beef stock).

Ok enough about the crap I had to deal with. And no, I’m not gonna share. If you already know about it great! Keep it to yourself.

I worked out yesterday … lifted weights at the Y. That helped to work out some of the issues from yesterday. I really needed to alternate the running with the weight lifting. There’s a need to balance the workout. I’m just 14 pounds from my goal weight for the year. It’s not a set in stone thing. If I make it yeah for me. If not, oh well, work on it next year. The key is getting off my butt and moving.

Something else that’s cool about this getting in better physical health thing is that WIFE, D-1 and D-2 (daughters 1 and 2 … remember, no more names …) are going with me. I pay for a family membership, why not? And the best part is they are “moving” with me. I need to do this “alternating routine” for about 3 more weeks to make it into a habit. The running every other day (MWF) has been going well and is a habit. The weight lifting thing is being done to tone the muscle. Not build it. With losing weight from the running, my legs look great but the arms, chest and stomach are looking “pitiful” I think was the term I heard. This was only my second visit for lifting (I was lifting prior to April when I got sick). It went better than the first day (Saturday).

Today will be much better …



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4 responses to “Better attitude today

  1. Alicia

    The people around you have my sympathies, your post and email seemed a little hostile yesterday! I can only imagine the vibe they were receiving in person! Kickboxing does wonders for bad attitudes, too.

    Gee, did you get the email petition about social security benefits for congressmen, too?

  2. I’m sorry … it was not meant to be hostile. I was just so ticked off.

  3. Miles Away

    It happens to the best of us…

  4. yep sure does. although i’m beginning to think some people deserve to be in my wake …

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