Ugh .. what next?

D-2 (daughter 2) is wanting to be in the 5th grade band at school. She wants to be in the percussion section, you know … drums, triangles, cymbals, bells … not sure why but I don’t want to squash that interest. Nothing worse than a parent that doesn’t encourage and nurture their children into discovering who they are and what talents God has given them. I finally, after several phone calls, was able to hook up with the band instructor. D-2 needs a “Bell Kit”. I call all the local shops. I’m looking at probably $240 for a used “rental” kit and $330 for a new kit. No one has them in stock locally. Ugh.

Ok so what else could happen? D-1 has strep throat. Ugh … what else?

D-2 said she got an 18 out of 20 on her spelling test …. sweet! …. NOT SWEET! She got 18 out of 20 WRONG! She’s allowed to retake it today. So last night was a spelling drill. Ugh …….. what else?

Got online and checked grades … ugh … why bother … D-1 is doing well. A’s and B’s. D-2 is doing well with A’s, B’s and a C in math. Ok .. so that wasn’t too bad.

I need new tires for my car. WIFE’s car got them last week. How do I know this? I had to make a sudden stop yesterday in the cold and the rain. My car did not stop as quickly as expected BUT within the space necessary to avoid an “accident”. So the hunt is on for the cheapest all-season tires I can afford. Ugh … what next?

I got up late … 12 minutes late to be exact. Ugh! That means I had to shave 12 minutes off of my run time this morning before work. So instead of 45 minutes I only got 35. Yeah … I went 2 minutes longer. That means I didn’t shave this morning. I figure I can pick up 30 minutes after work to run … it’s not the 45 minutes I’m used to, but I need to get the heart rate up and keep it up for a minimum of 20 minutes to be an effective cardio workout so 5 minutes to warm up, 20 minutes at peak and then 5 to cool down. (I got 25 at peak this morning.)

jeans.jpgOk .. this one isn’t an “UGH”. It’s a “SWEET”! I bought new jeans! One size down from what I have been wearing! And they fit! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to fit into that size comfortably. And like I said in an earlier post, I can see my belt buckle. And that is cool too! And with the weight lifting exercises I’m feeling a difference in my arms, chest and stomach. I think it’s more a mind set thing. But I do feel better and I think I’m looking better too! So it’s not all that bad. Really, it’s not.


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