Sundays are nice

Today has just been a beautiful day. I finished my BSF questions this morning. Ate some breakfast. Had a couple cups of coffee (still trying to get rid of all my coffee pods so I can use my new coffee maker). Ran down to the local grocery store to pick up some diet cola for WIFE. Took Shadow with me. I noticed that several people had their leaves to the curb for pick-up already. Got home and decided I needed to do the same. I got my leaves cleaned up. What isn’t cleaned up will get collected and composted when I cut grass either later today or tomorrow. The yard was still a bit mushy.

I got tired of losing auctions on ebay to snipers. b5_1_sbl.JPGI signed up for esnipe. And it works. D-2 needed a Percussion Bell Kit for 5th grade band. I’ve bid on several kits after finding out new kits are over $300 and used through local music stores are $230ish. I got a kit just like this shipped for just over $100. That’s like .. cheap! D-2 understands this is a commitment on her part for 2 years of music. She has a strong dislike for choir so she opted for band. We’ll see how it plays out.

Now I just need to do the weekly grocery shopping and get my 45 minutes of running it. And it’s only 12:45! I have plenty of time.


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