Taking charge

Have you ever felt like you were always behind? No matter what it was? I think I have found a way to move beyond that feeling. For me I think it stems from self-doubt. This blog was my first step in ridding myself of the things holding me back. I was just tired of always being behind or not having the motivation to take the risks necessary to move to the “next level”. I had grown very comfortable right where I was. Not any more. I was introduced to a new product call Brain Evolution System. What is it? It’s a proprietary brain wave entrainment system. Right … more mumbo jumbo.

Here’s what it does: It uses binaural sounds layered underneath a front end track to modify brainwave activity. The use of sound waves to modify moods and brain activity has been researched for years. Scientists have found that our brains react differently to different sounds at different wavelengths. There have been years of research into how our brains process these sounds and what effects they have on the way the brain works. These sounds have been mapped out. The Brain Evolution System (B.E.S.) developers have taken this information and created six, 30 minute audio tracks that contain binaural sounds that our brains process to induce different states of mental awareness. The front-end tracks are natural sounds, like the ocean, a babbling brook or the sounds of a fire burning. Pleasant sounds that help to relax you. These front-end tracks are there to make the binaural sounds or tones “invisible”. Your brain does hear them and the processing takes place in the background.

I’ve used the B.E.S. system and have started to see results. There’s nothing specific I can put a finger on, but there is a change in my attitude. My motivation levels are higher. I’ve even started an exercise routine and I’m sticking to it. All I can say is since I’ve started listening to these CDs I’ve noticed a change.

Check them out!


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