I’ve been slacking off

When I started this blog my goal was to journal daily using this blog. I wanted to have a place to rant, praise, chat, B.S., share and just write. But I have not been following through lately. I’ve had some things on my mind that I don’t think need to be written here. So … until those things are worked out I might not write much. It may be that the Brain Evolution System is causing my head to work through something. I’m certain, whatever it is, it will come to light and be resolved. That’s been the one cool thing about this entrainment program. Things are getting worked out. It’s a process.

On a lighter note … D-2’s bell kit arrived yesterday. She’s thrilled with it! But I’m a little disappointed. It’s not as nice as the description I read on eBay. And that’s the downside of eBay. One person’s description may not match what another person actually sees. Here’s an example: “used condidtion, has some paint chips, scuffs and scratches, normal wear” really means “screws holding bells are bent, bell frame is cracked, mallet heads will fly off if you are not careful, tones are flat because screws are bent and pinching bells”. Yeah this is one of those times when people lie about things. I sent the seller an email last night. Not sure what will come of it. I’ve taken some of it apart. I’ve straightend a couple of the screws and put them back together and those bells now work right. I hate having to take the whole thing apart and fixing it. But I can do it. I shouldn’t have to do it. I guess you get what you pay for. A new kit is over $300 … the problem with buying new is it will be weeks before I could get a new kit. I could spend a couple hours this weekend and refurbish it to like new … including a new paint job so there are no “scuffs or scratches” … it is only my time on my part. I have paint, I have sandpaper, I have tools … I can rebuild it, make it stronger, cleaner, newer looking. I have the technology …. geeze … can you say “dork”? I guess I should be glad she didn’t want to play the saxaphone. Thoses are over $800 new!!! Ok, my weekend project is this: Take apart the bell kit, see if I need any new parts, fix the crack in the frame, sand the frame, paint the frame, put it all back together. Of course I’ll have to document the whole thing with before and after pictures. Heck, we can customize the colors if D-2 wants!



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2 responses to “I’ve been slacking off

  1. Alicia

    If that seller doesn’t offer to make it right, I’d be sure to leave a more “accurate” description of what you received in his/her feedback! Does your snipe account allow you to snipe feedback (post it in the final seconds of the timeframe you have to leave it, so that you don’t get negative feedback in retaliation)? If not, there’s a little moneymaker idea for you to develop!

  2. I already have positive feedback for the auction. I’ve not yet left feedback for the seller.

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