As the dust clouds settle …

… God will send a cleansing rain. I had heard late yesterday that the senior pastor of my church resigned Sunday. The announcement came following the second service was as if someone had brushed a wet cat in the wrong direction … I wasn’t there, but the descriptions ranged from the wet cat thing to a “den of vipers” although I don’t think one man spouting off from a pulpit counts as a den of vipers. There was, so I am told, hatred in our pastor’s voice. I don’t want to quote him, because I was not there, but he is leaving to start up a new church a little bit south of our church and it will become known as the “true grace place”. And that’s fine by me. I wish him well.

Our meeting last night went well. We elected a committee of 12 who will work on getting the church back on track and begin the process of healing. We voted to return to the proper by-laws and constitution and we are back to following the southern baptist ways of running a church. The power is back in the hands of a congregation. Never again will we allow our church to be held hostage.


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