The tide is turning

I have to say “Hats off the the American voters” for the changes that took place in last night’s elections. And I am shocked to even say that. I don’t really consider myself a republican or democrat. I am a conservative individual. Someone who thinks all politicians are crooked and should be brought up on charges. The only problem is who’s gonna do it? There’s no one fit enough to do it in this country. We have become a corrupt and fallen nation. It’s only a matter of time before our nation collapses just like Rome did. There is no moral fiber left. The “separation of church and state” bullcrap has cut off America’s balls. We don’t know what we stand for. The UN has emasculated us. Our politicians have put us into so many compromising situations … we need to just take whatever the world dishes out … then ask, “Are you done?” And when they say yes, pick ourselves up, take our ball and go home. Screw rest of the world. We have handed out trillions of dollars in aid, forgiven billions in debts owed us by other nations, sent aid around the world, our missions trips alone impact millions of lives world wide. And what is our government doing? We are borrowing money from the Chinese to continue the whole frigging mess. More aid to nations that hate us. More forgiving of debts … when will it end? When the Chinese decide to send us to collections. That’s when.

Last night was a signal to the Whitehouse. And George, I hope when you wake up this morning you realize we Americans are not happy with what you and all the neocons are doing. We are tired of the BS. We are tired of funding a war in a land that hates us. We are tired of hearing about the loss of lives so you can finish what daddy started. All the money you spent trying to secure cheap oil for your fatcat oil baron friends could have been spend finding an ecological way of extracting the oil in the shale fields in the Rockies and in Alaska. We could have trillions of barrels of oil. Cheap oil. Homegrown oil. You could have spent that money on feeding and clothing the homeless. Hell, the amount of money you are spending on the war could have gone back to every American to get them out of debt and still have tons left over to fund all the other worthwhile projects America is in need of. I hope as you sit and drink your coffee this morning you realize the American people are not as stupid as you like to think. We are not the cows you think we are … you can not herd us using fear anymore. I feel no safer today from terrorism than I did when you started this mess. It’s time for a change. I hope you can change. I hope the republican party can change. I am for big business, responsible big business. But I am also for the people. And you (that is a collective you, it should read every elected official) had better start looking at the problems here at home first. You want to impact the world George? Start here at home. Change America. Make us into a nation of people who are educated. People who work hard for what they have. People who are proud of where they live. Make us proud to be American again. Start with our kids! Give them an education that is better than what rest of the world has. It’s hard to leave a kid behind when they are ALL waiting for the bus.

Yeah, last night was a wake up call to the neocons. I’m watching to see what they do to retaliate respond. I expect higher gas prices, higher interest rates and job losses. Hit the people where they can be hurt the most, the pocket book. And the newly elected dems will take the hit for it. What America has yet to realize is all this is part of a plan leading to the end. You need to read up on Albert Pike’s vision for the future. What are you doing to prepare for it? Can you provide for your family if things fall apart? Do you have a plan to keep your family together?



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2 responses to “The tide is turning

  1. Alicia

    And how about Rumsfeld resigning! How’s that for a sacrificial lamb or offering to the Dems. I think Bush knows he’s in trouble. Unfortunately, looks like we’ll just have gridlock for the next two years.

  2. i think the best thing george can do is give the dems what they want. step up to the plate and work to get something done. and by doing that, when things do go to hell in a hand basket, the repubs can say see .. we worked with the dems and this is what happens. what people don’t realize is it has nothing to do with dems or repubs. both parties are run by those who are unseen and have a secret agenda. if i wasn’t married with kids i’d seriously consider disappering into the hills of tennesse or montana. just me, the dog and my guns. the indians lived for years in the caves of these mountains unseen and undetected. it would not bother me to be totally alone.

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