Vacations are always needed

GatlinburgWIFE and I are on a mini-vacation. We left Thursday morning. We try to get away twice a year. No kids, no parents, no in-laws. Just the two of us. It’s been really nice. Our trip started with a 3 hour backup on I-75 south bound in Kentucky. Apparently someone hit the back of a semi and killed himself. It made the news. We were stopped about 5 miles from the accident. We covered that 5 miles in 3 hours. That’s time lost. Well not really. We spent it with each other. But that’s time we lost here (yes our hotel had free wireless Internet) doing things. We got here and went straight to dinner. We were going to leave after work Wednesday, but that didn’t happen.

I mapped out a 3 mile course and we’ve both walked it. The first 1/2 mile is up hill .. probably a 5% incline. I’m used to that because of my running on an incline on the treadmill. The next 3/4 mile is down hill. That’s harder than you think! The last 1 3/4 miles are relatively flat. We cover it all in 45 minutes. We’ve done that both yesterday and today. Something else we’be started doing is splitting meals when we eat out. Portions are just way too big. They are more than enough for 1 and just barely enough for two. So a side salad or appetizer helps. No desserts though. No snacks either. I’m really working to stay on course. And on a vacation that’s hard to do. Doctor’s visit on Wednesday said I was down to 264. I think the weight lifting has slowed the weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat so I think the muscle I’ve gained has offset the weight loss.

So why are vacations needed? Time away. Nothing to interfer in enjoying each other’s company.


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