I’m just a wee bit tired …

… of all the crap.

Sorry but it’s true. People, in general (read that as “not everyone”), are selfish, self-centered, ignorant, mindless, self-absorbed, maniacal, self-destructive, arrogant, conceited and focused on an agenda. There are very few “genuine” people out there anymore.

This blog is MY space. I can write what I want to write. I can express my views and opinions. If you find something that you object to, I’m sorry. This blog is like a magazine, or radio station or TV channel, you don’t like it, move on. In fact there are probably people who will read this and think I’m writing about them and I’ll get more emails objecting to what I write. Get over it. It’s not about you. It’s about me and my thoughts and opinions.

With that said, (and if you read this far) if you find an error, or something that is not factual (there is a difference between a fact and an opinion make sure you understand that first) make sure you have proof that can be shared before blasting me and asking me to change or remove something. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. I’ll take whatever steps necessary to correct it. But if you are trying to refute my opinion with your opinion forget it. Opinions are like brains noses … everyone has one. And I am expressing mine here. And I’ll let you express yours here as well. But remember, this is MY blog and I can change what I want when I want.

‘nuf said. Let’s move on.


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2 responses to “I’m just a wee bit tired …

  1. Alicia

    At least your blog isn’t getting spammed by Amish furniture people and suggestions to “check out this site” for a link I refuse to click on!

  2. LOL … since starting this blog I’ve gotten tons of spam. I think there are just people out there trolling services like blogger or wordpress and finding new blogs to hit in hopes of getting their links into the search engines. WordPress gives users access to akismet and it does a great job filtering out spam.

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