November 14th, 2006

Ok … I was thinking of trying something new … not sure I like it.

Weather: partly cloudy, wind was brisk but not bad for this time of year. leaves are down off the trees. ground is still soggy after a rainy weekend. Started putting up Christmas lights (no not holiday lights or Xmas lights, CHRISTmas lights).

Things I am concerned about: I hate the condition of our society and what my daughters will have to contend with as they grow up. That this is no moral fiber left within America – it’s no wonder we are hated around the world. I fear that my daughters will grow up in a police state. I worryabout my church and whether or not it will survive the hole our previous pastor put it into with his sin and arrogance. I regret that I no longer will believe what any pastor tells me without having solid proof.

Things that I am happy about: My daughters. AND they are doing well in school. My wife. My dog. My church is no longer being held hostage. Political ads are now off the air.

Things I miss: My mom. The smell of a campfire. Being able to hold my daughters in one arm. My grandpa. My hope that this world is going to get better. Letters written on stationary that were mailed by hand with a stamp. The sound of silence – I can’t remember the last time I was someplace and heard absolutely nothing except the sound of my breathing.

I wish I could: Undo the mistakes I made raising my girls and in my marriage. Provide a financial freedom for my wife and kids. Change the moral condition of our nation. Talk to my mom and grandpa one last time without them being sick.

Things I am doing to make my life better: Tell those I care about that I love them. Letting go of the little things. Exercising. Eating better.


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