It’s that time of year!

Got up this morning a little late. Got ready, went to let Shadow out and there was snow on the deck, the grass and the trees! It was 28° with clear skies on my way in. We are looking to hit 41° today with partly cloudy skies. So the snow won’t be around for long.

The great pumpkin didn’t come again this year … and Tom the turkey was cooked yesterday morning for my side of the family. We held Thanksgiving early to accommodate everyone. So Thanksgiving for one side of our family is done. Next is Thanksgiving with my wife’s side of the family. And that is happening on Thursday.

I had a great weekend. Got up and met my friend for breakfast on Saturday like I always do. WIFE had to work so I had to rush home instead of doing my usual Saturday morning errands. The girls were up and WIFE was gone by the time I got home. Went to the Y and lifted. (That makes almost a full month of lifting every other day.) Stopped at Wally-World on the way home to get the things I needed for fixing the turkey on Sunday morning. Girls took off with grandma to Christmas LightsSpringboro to visit cousins. Shadow and I watched the delayed Everton and Bolton Wanderers derby. After that match I decided since we were having great weather, I needed to get all the lights out of the storage shed and string them up. (Yes that’s my house in the snow this morning before work.) It’s a good thing I did it Saturday. Sunday was misty/rainy and yucky. There’s no way I’m hanging lights in the rain or cold or snow. So this morning when I woke up to snow, I thought knew I did the right thing. I have a few more lights to put up but if they never make it, that’s OK by me too. It’s one of those things when you get started you add a little here, add a little there … next thing you know you have 20,000+ lights and you are praying that the circuit breaker won’t trip or that one of the lights won’t burn out. Nothing worse than when a light burns out and you loose 1/2 a strand. I bought new lights that stay lit if a bulb burns out or if one breaks or falls out. I love those lights. But I’ve not had time/money to replace all my lights. I’ve just decided it easier to unplug the set, string up a new set over the old set.


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