If you could go back in time

… and re-live your life AND you were allowed to remember only 4 things, what would they be? I talked about this with my accountability partner. We met for dinner one night and his son was with him. We mulled this topic over. It was interesting to hear what he would remember and what his high school aged son would remember. Here’s my list and why;

  1. Don’t walk away from your relationship with God. Investigate other doctrines. Grow my relationship with Jesus. Not all Christians believe as Catholics do.
  2. Do better in school! Really work at it! You are smart! You will succeed at what ever you really put your mind into!
  3. Spend more time with mom and grandpa. You will miss them when they are gone.
  4. Buy Microsoft stocks and invest in gold and silver!

Number one – This would have prevented me from making so many mistakes. From the time I was 18 until I was 34 I turned my back on God and religion. I was angry with God. It would have prevented me from searching and trying almost anything to fill that God-sized hole in my life. It would prevent me from hurting so many people. Number two – This would help me break free from from the “you are stupid” mentality drilled into me – because, when growing up, negative attention is better than no attention at all. Number three is a really personal thing. My mom got sick. Real sick. We “lost” her before she actually died. And grandpa was my role model. I would have loved to spend more time with him. I didn’t want to back then. It was more fun to run or hang with friends. I now understand, more than ever, the importance of having relationships with family. And that is one I regret and can never regain without going back in time. Number four is advice to my college aged me. Microsoft had not yet come out with Windows. As a matter of fact, DOS 3.0 had just come out when I was almost done with college. I had a chance to buy $500 worth of stock in 1986 … I didn’t.

What would you go back and remember and redo? You can’t go back any further than your birth. Remember, you can only remember things and change thing in your own life.

A side note – When MS when public in 1986 their IPO was $21 a share. Had I made that investment and kept my shares, today, adjusted for splits, that amounts to 7.29¢ per share. That means my original 24 shares would equal 6859 shares today. When Microsoft peaked at $119.75 and had I sold my shares, I would have made roughly $820,000.

Again, what would you do different?


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