The Turkey Roaster

That’s me. I am /have been/ designated the guy who roasts the turkey every year. I roast for my family, for my father-in-law’s family and for my mother-in-law’s family. That’s what I do. I roast turkeys. I’m not the best by far, but I do really well. They always turn out really moist and have a great flavor. I don’t really do anything special. But if you are interested .. here’s how I roast my turkey:

What goes gobble gobble gobble, ha ha ha, plop? A turkey laughing his head off!

Why does a turkey go “gobble gobble gobble”? He never has time to learn good table manners!

Ok ok .. so .. What ALWAYS comes at the end of Thanksgiving? OK OK .. Ready for it? The letter g.

OK .. What’s the key to having a great Thanksgiving Day dinner? The Tur-KEY!

So what do turkeys like to eat on thanksgiving? Nothing! They’re already stuffed!

So why did the rockers let the turkey join their band? He already had the drumsticks!

So why did the turkey get sent to the pincipal’s office? He used “fowl” language!

What did the mother turkey say to her disobedient children? If your father could see you now he’d roll over in his gravy!”


Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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