My church is coming back to life.

Change is good. Change hurts. The last two months have been very painful for my church. We struggled through a change in leadership. Unfortunately that change in leadership was forced. That’s the worse kind of change in leadership. That kind of change will split a church. People declare loyalties. People do things that hurt others. The intention is to do the right thing, but sometimes people loose sight of what is right and what is wrong. People begin to justify the means by the end regardless the body count.

We are on the right path now. I don’t necessarily agree with how we got here. I think things could have been handled differently. Honestly, blaming a handful of people for the situation we were in is wrong. It happened on OUR watch. WE are the ones who let it happen. WE didn’t support those who stood up in the beginning. OUR focus was on growing and building the church, not the growing and building up the body of Christ. WE let OUR focus drift. WE let our leaders take us down the slippery slope. And when WE hit bottom we blamed the leaders. Honestly, WE are all to blame. I include myself and my family in the blame. I didn’t take a stand. I was lukewarm. I was neither hot nor cold. I turned my back. I stopped going. I got hurt and pulled away. I did nothing about it. I didn’t do as I was supposed to do. I didn’t deal with the plank in my eye because I was focused on the speck in someone else’s.

I’m doing something about it now. I’m getting involved again. I’m helping where I can. I will no longer be lukewarm. I will be hot or cold. I used to argue that even though I chose not to decide I still had made a choice.

Yesterday was our third service with no senior pastor. What was great to hear was the churches in the community are praying for us to recover. It was a huge encouragement. The committee of 12 have been working through things and progressing nicely. They are taking time to make decisions. They are prayerfully considering each move they make. We, as a church, are praying for them and stepping up the offerings to offset those who have left. We will recover. We will continue to be a beacon of light to those in our community.


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