What If … ?

I am a geek. I’ll admit that up front. I love cartoons. I love computers. I hate Microsoft and love Linux. I have 3 computers next to my desk, one is a firewall, one is my webserver and mail server and the last is my gaming machine (which does run a copy of Windows XP … sucks that most games are Windows based). And I love comic books.

I broke my addiction to them when they started costing $75 a month to read up on all the characters I followed. It was tough too. I had to just cut it off cold turkey. One of the comic books that got me hooked into the odd characters was Marvel Comics “What If … ?” series. It started in 1977 and ran through 1984 and the main narrator was Uatu the Watcher. He was from an immortal race that had a base on the moon and they “watched” everything, including things that transpired in alternate realities. Due to low sales the book was dropped. And then picked up again from 1989 through 1998. Then dropped again. I loved this comic. I made me think about all the alternate possibilities we could be faced with in each decision we make.

So I pose this “What If ..?” to anyone reading this; What if, tomorrow, the USA was attacked and martial law was declared? Would you be ready? Let’s not go that extreme, what if there was a tornado that wiped out your community? Would you be prepared? What if a flood came and wiped out the nearest city but left your neighborhood untouched? You have no electricity. Water is contaminated. Stores are closed. Are you ready? What if our economy collapsed? Would you be prepared? These are the things I think and wonder. These are the things I worry about at night.

If the end of “civilization” came tomorrow and we had to fend for ourselves, could you? Could you keep your family safe? Would you have a place to stay? Food to eat? A way to communicate with your loved ones? Would you know where your kids are? Could you get to them? Or would FEMA have them relocated to a “education/work camp”? Don’t think that would happen? Look at New Orleans! They did it there! They can do it anywhere. Do you know the extent of the powers FEMA has been given? It’s scary. We’re currently under a dictatorship. Don’t believe me? Did you see what happened in California to the student who refused to show his ID? Did you know that for any reason George Bushwhacker can eavesdrop on your conversations if just the right combination of words were used in a sentence WITHOUT a court order? Did you know you can be arrested and detained WITHOUT being charged with a crime if they government feels you are a terrorist? We have a president that has complete power with no accountability.

So, What If … ?

To help you understand what’s happening check out this WW3 website. If you need help preparing check out Nitro-Pak.



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8 responses to “What If … ?

  1. Well..I have been reading..and cannot figure out who you are. THere are only 1400 people around our church..and fewer are self proclaimed geeks..and I knew quite a few of them. Hmm..well you have a new reader and I will be adding you to my blogroll soon.

  2. I’ll be there this Sunday. Most likely the 9am service. I’m the 6’10” guy with a beard. Can’t miss me. 🙂

  3. After rereading this post..I gotta ask..are there black helicopters circling your house and do they follow you to the store?

    Joking of course..

    What if? Good question!

  4. I’ve just learned to ignore them and the voices in my head. Makes things easier on those around me. 🙂

    I think we worry about to many little things and not about the big things. The “What if’s” have changed as I’ve “grown up”.

    ps: Your blogrolled now … 🙂

  5. Well, I don’t know about all that. But what if Microsoft took over the world and forced almost all new PC’s to come with their OS and after that all the good software was made only for Windows? Oh wait, it already is 😛
    I still like Microsoft. But I’ve been really liking Mac OSX lately though I’ve never used it. It just looks really neat. I wouldn’t mind owning a MAC but would certainly never use Linux. I’ve tried several times and it’s just too complicated for me LOL.
    Vista is gonna be awesome though. But I don’t think you probably really care too much about that 😛
    I like giving you crap about Linux. That’s what use MS fanboys do LOL
    Take care dude 😀

  6. What linux to you use anyhow? Seriously, I’ve tried several versions and was absolutely confused.

  7. Right now I am using Ubuntu. Migrating to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.1 (SLED 10 for short). I just ran through the install of SLED 10 and it is sweet!! Vista got their 3D graphics from Linux … and SLED 10 has the best version of it. You can get a CD version of Ubuntu here – http://www.ubuntu.com/products/GetUbuntu/download?action=show&redirect=download It gives you a working version that boots up your PC so you can play with it and see if you like it.

  8. I’ve tried Ubuntu before. Ubuntu was okay. I guess I just don’t like Linux because I can’t just download a program to my desktop, install it, and run it like I can on Windows. It’s all confusing to me…and I like simplicity 😛
    I thought Vista got the 3D graphics from Mac OS? That’s what I’ve heard from the Mac users LOL

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