Your last words

Ok, carrying on this “What If …?” theme. What would the last words you utter to someone be? Let’s pretend that you, or perhaps it will be someone you know and care about, will die sometime today. But you don’t know who and when. What are the last words your kids are going to remember coming from you? Would they be: “Clean this room!” “Your brought home a C?!! You are grounded!” “Turn that crap down!” What about your last words to your wife “When are you going to get home? These kids are driving me nuts” “Look, I keep the yard clean, can’t you at least keep the house clean?” “Turn out the light, I’m trying to sleep!” … yeah … that would suck! Just like never going to sleep angry with anyone. You never know when it will be “your time” or “their time”.

I started something a few weeks ago. And it was really uncomfortable at first. When I talked to people I care about, either in person or on the phone, I end my conversations with “I love you”. I don’t want to be remembered by mean or hateful words. I don’t think I had ever told my mother-in-law that I loved her until I started this. And it was awkward. (I’ve not yet worked up the nerve to say it to my father-in-law.) But I’ve told my sister, my brother, my wife, my kids, my wife’s grandparents. Even my dad who I’ve had such a hard time getting along with. And it puts a smile on people’s faces. I challenge you, the next time you end a conversation with someone you know and care about, tell them you love them. It’ll make their day more than anything else you can say.


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