I got nada …

Mind has been blank lately. Well not really, just nothing worth really writing about.

I could write about the fact that I’m still getting flack about comparing Ted Haggard and John Jackson. But people only see what they want to see. I didn’t compare them. I just mentioned they were both involved in sexual sins and both have let down their congregations.

But that won’t accomplish anything. It just continues to fuel something that needs to burn out and move on.

I could write about the Gold and Silver prices. But people think I’m nuts and to be honest, it’s just my opinion and my observations. There are more people to speak credibly on the subject than I could.

I want to write more about how I think Americans in general are getting dumber each day and follow what the media has to say like a bunch of mindless cows heading to the slaughter, but no one will really listen. They might if I was on TV, but Bushwhacker’s cronies would lock me up for calling him a war-monger. So I like my freedom too much to only convince one or two of the readers to just off their idiot boxes.

My village idiots (council) have not done anything worth writing about.  Oh wait a sec. There is a movement to get a dog park in my sleepy village. That might be worth following up on.



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7 responses to “I got nada …

  1. I think there are a lot of similarities between JJ and Ted H. I havent read your comparisons, but it would be necessary to note the differences as well. Remember Ted was caught. JJ confessed freely. The most important part is what happened to each following their confession/exposure. Comparing the leadership and congregations of the two churches is worth noting as well.

    Were you wearing a yellow sweater today?

  2. Miles Away

    Maybe you could write about what Christmas means to you…

  3. The Ohio Guy – There are similarities. But I try to avoid finger pointing. I listed the facts that were made known to based on the only source of information I had. The Letter … (evil music played suddenly when I mentioned it). I think had there been a response other than being told to schedule an appointment for a meeting with our pastor or for a town hall meeting I’d feel somewhat differently. But probably not much. I might have 2 of the three sides of the story; his, The Letter’s and th truth. I don’t think we will ever know the truth. Honestly I don’t want to know. I just want it all to go away so we can move on.

    And nope. I was at first service. Black jeans and a dark green polo shirt. And I sit where a tall guy would have the most leg room! (hint)

  4. Miles away – I could. Maybe I will.

  5. Okay..this Sunday I will be looking..first service..leg room..got it. I read the rest of the thread to your previous post on JJ and the church. I must say you are telling it as honestly as it can be told. I am with you. I think I would like to just see it all gone. There is no convincing those at the new plant, there are no convincing those who remain and there is little to be done to the group that left the whole situation behind and found love at the many other churches who grew in numbers over the last 10 months.

    I am encouraged by the dozens..more perhaps of old Far Hills folks coming back. Folks who havent been seen since pre-638.

  6. 🙂 I’ll be there.

    I too am encouraged. Like I’ve said, none of this caught God by surprise. He knew what would happen. He has a plan and it will work out the way He wants it. We have to remember to “let God”. Yep “let God”. Think about it.

    I tried to be as unbiased as I could. I was trying to be as objective in the matter as is possible. It’s not our job to convince anyone. The Bible tells us that in the end times there would be false teachers, false prophets and false christ figures. The church will become full of itself. The will come a blending of all religions and tolerance and forgiveness promoted. It’s happening. It’s grace without permission. Forgive and forget. Do as you wish but bring no harm to others.

  7. OG

    My motto all along this year has been “in the end..God wins”. With that I was able to be a part of our church community no matter what happened. It was nice to reach a point months ago of “letting God be God”. My trouble is I always think that God needs my help. I have learned much. See ya Sunday.

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