My Christmas Wish List

Ok, I’ve not written a Christmas wish list for years, like almost 25 years! I want to write one now. And my rules for the this list are this – no wishing for things like World Peace or to End World Hunger or for Jesus to Return. Because the first two will happen when the third one does. 🙂 I’m going to be selfish for just a minute and list things I want. They might be things I need too, but mostly things I would like to have but could careless about if I don’t get them.

  1. $275,000 (just enough to pay off the house, any bills and to have cash for my girls college fund – a local college of course!)
  2. 5 pounds of Jelly Bellies – the 40 assorted flavors kind
  3. A 22′ Type 1A Little Giant Ladder System
  4. A perfect lawn that never needs to be cut but is still real grass
  5. A bigger yard with a fence for Shadow to run and play in
  6. A new Honda Pilot for WIFE
  7. A new Honda Element for me
  8. A little more room in the house for a full-time darkroom and perhaps a studio
  9. A new drive made with pavers, not concrete or asphalt
  10. New running shoes
  11. A new patio (made with pavers) that ties in the pool deck and the house deck
  12. An alternate stream of income other than my current full-time job so I don’t HAVE to work if I don’t want to. Not being greedy, just want to live a comfortable life.
  13. Free high speed internet for everyone along with free satellite TV for everyone
  14. A copy of the New King James Bible on CD-Rom (audio)
  15. New gutters and siding
  16. New Windows
  17. A Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens
  18. A Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens
  19. 5 pair of Levis Red Tab 550 jeans in size 38×38
  20. The new Celtics International Away Jersey (soccer) size XL
  21. The new UEFA Champions League Celtics Jersey (soccer) size XL
  22. New slippers, with a rubber sole and extra thick cushiony lining
  23. A mechanical watch, yes one you wind up, no batteries, 17 Jewel Movement or better
  24. A Jeweler’s Wall Clock kit – yes the one with all the parts and I put it together
  25. A Grandfather Clock from Howard Miller

That’s  all for now … yeah. It’s a wee bit of a selfish list. But hey, we can all wish.



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2 responses to “My Christmas Wish List

  1. Alicia

    Hope Santa finds your list!

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