Driving in snow

Gold closed at $630.50 per troy ounce yesterday.

Silver closed at $13.615 per troy ounce yesterday.

Did everyone forget how to drive in snow over the last nine months? I stopped counting accidents mentioned on the radio at 10. After I heard that number I figured most of the idiots that would have caused me problems on the way home from work won’t actually be on the road so I should be OK. I get in at 6am so there is no traffic on the road. I have to stop at 4 stop signs, and pass through 4 traffic lights to get to work. I usually only have to stop at 2 of the traffic lights. I didn’t have to stop at any of them on my way in today. And there is never a line at the stop signs on my way in. So it was smooth sailing this morning. And there was no snow on the ground at 6am. So that helped. After hearing about all the accidents on the radio I was beginning to wonder if I should just stay at work for the night. Then I remembered, it looks like we got all the problem drivers off the roads early this winter driving season. So I should be just fine …

Do I sound negative? I thought so. Can’t help it today.



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2 responses to “Driving in snow

  1. why the gold and silver prices?

  2. I wrote an entry a week or two ago and talked about gold and silver. A couple people emailed asking where I got the info and how much gold and silver were on that day. So I thought hey! I could put that info up somewhere on the blog each day, that way people wouldn’t ask all the time.

    And not to sound down on “the system” but what if things did go bad and the dollar becomes worthless. I’ve recommended people buy and take possession of gold and silver. So consider me a watchman on the wall … 🙂

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