Do you remember when …

You were allowed to stay out until dark and your parents didn’t have to worry about where you were or what you were doing?

Do you remember when the first inter-racial kiss took place on TV and what show it was? It was Star Trek!

Do you remember when ain’t wasn’t a word?

Do you remember when the chocolate bunnies in your Easter Basket were solid chocolate?

Do you remember when Bubble Yum was hard to get? (I still think Bazooka is the best bubble gum by the way!)

Do you remember when new “sneakers” made you run faster and stop quicker?

Do you remember when the worst thing you could get from kissing a girl was cooties?

Do you remember your first kiss?

Do you remember clipping baseball cards to your bike? Remember the “engine” sound it made?

Do you remember sledding?

Do you remember when you couldn’t wait for Christmas specials to air?

Do you remember The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights?

Do you remember when “eraser mates” came out?

Do you remember Trapper folders and Trapper Keepers?

Do you remember when it was safe to eat tuna?

Do you remember getting to choose white milk or chocolate milk for lunch at school?

Do you remember Kick the Can or Ghost in the Grave Yard or Flashlight Tag?

Do you remember catching fireflies?

What do you remember?



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5 responses to “Do you remember when …

  1. I remember stick ball at my grandmas. She lived in the city. I remember capture the flag at night and the boundaries were my entire neighborhood. I remember two party phone lines and having to wait until the other party finished before making calls. I remember 8 tracks and LP’s that were brought out only at Christmas. I remember bubble gum being .25 cents a pack. I remember pop in glass bottles. I remember Frisch’s in Lebanon where they brought the food to your car and made change without a computer. I remember movies for a dollar on Sunday afternoons. First run movies too!

  2. Memories are great! I’d love to hear what my kids remember when they are 40!

  3. I remember camping out in my back yard for a whole summer! Storms and all!

    I remember 9600 baud modems as being the fastest thing ever!

    I remember when Big Macs came out -“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!”

  4. And the Big Mac came in a styrofoam clamshell box. Remember the McDLT, hot on the hot side and cold on the cold side.

  5. Alicia

    I remember Marathon candy bars and Clark bars. I also remember the 2 party phone lines. I remember my Mom taking us to the Taco Bell for the first time in Boardman, OH. We stayed outside and played until the street lights came on. I remember eraser mates because they were terrible for leftys! I remember my dad taking us to the drive-in movie theaters in our PJ’s on Saturday nights. I remember fireflies, but I never touched them….bug phobia! I remember hating that high school computer class and thinking I’ll never need to use one of these.

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