What would you do?

Gold closed at $630.00 yesterday

Silver closed at $13.850 yesterday

Do you believe someone who is actually doing what they say, or someone who is all “dolled up and educated to speak to an audience” and tells you what you should be doing??

I practice what I preach, so to speak. Yeah I just bought silver. Not much. And yeah I buy minted US coins. Yes I pay a premium for doing that, but my coins’ precious metals content is guaranteed by the US Gubmint. If I said buy stock or options and told you all about how much money can be made doing it, yet I believed in putting my money in a tin can and hiding it in my yard, would you believe me? Would you take my advice? You should find someone who is doing what you want to do with your money and emulate them. Me? I’m buying and taking possession of my gold and silver. It’s not real until you hold it. Yes I have a safety deposit box. 🙂 Buying gold and silver right now is the smart thing to do. Silver is on the march and Gold is right behind. Right now there is optimism that this stock bull market is going to keep going. It’s not. And the bear market for precious metal is ending. In less than 3 years gold has doubled in value and silver is up almost 4x. And they are right, the bear market for metals ended last year.

Do you listen to people who preach on Sundays on how to live your life one way, but live their private lives another way? OK – SOAPBOX MODE ON – I am a people watcher. Yep, I’ve seen how people look at other people. I’m one of those guys who gets pulled into going to the mall to shop and finds a bench to “park it”. I become the drop-off point, or the meeting point. And all I do is wait and watch. I watch how people react to one another. I watch how guys check out women and how women check out guys. I do that just about anytime I’m in a place for a while with not much else to do. Like being at the Y on a treadmill. Treadmills are boring. But I’m addicted to them. I like to use the numbers the machines spit out to figure things up. I like to push myself. I use those numbers. I figure up things like; if I warm up and cool down at 3.5mph for 5 minutes each, what speed do I need to maintain after the warm up to achieve 3.25 miles in 45 minutes. Yeah, I know … odd. But that is how I pass my time. I also notice others watch the TV while running, or listen to headphones. Or gawk/ogle at women. Yep I saw a leader of a local church checking out women in spandex outfits at the Y. Not the ugly ones or the fat heavy ones in sweats, but the good looking ones, the skinny ones parading in spandex screaming “look at me”. But I bet he could not tell you her name, the color of her hair, the color of her eyes or if she wore braces or glasses. He could probably tell you the color of spandex on her butt or boobs. And, for as hard as he was looking at them, I bet he could tell you their sizes. This bothers me. I will now wonder, if I ever visit his church, will he be looking at the women in the congregation the same way he looked at them in the Y? Where’s his mind going to be while he’s preaching? So no, I would not listen to this guy. – SOAPBOX MODE OFF –

What would you do? Would you say something? For me, it’s one less reason to believe what any man behind the pulpit says.



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2 responses to “What would you do?

  1. Clarification with regards to women. I think all women are beautiful. There is something inside of every woman that is beautiful. My post may have sounded derogatory towards women who are heavy or “ugly”. Please do not take it that way. I love women and would not do or say anything to to cause harm. There is a level of respect and admiration I have for women. BUT I have to note an exception here – vain women. Women who are so full of themselves. I’m not talking confidence or “overly beautiful” women. I’m talking about women who are just spiteful to be spiteful.

  2. Alicia

    I’m sure if you said anything, you’d get the standard we’re not perfect speech, we’re only human…. I hear that frequently from people who are “saved” and yet seem to make the same (hypocritic) mistakes over and over.

    I didn’t take your post as derogatory, just painting the picture of what a jerk the preacher man was! I like to people watch, too, unless I’m at the mall. I’d rather shop!

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