Is it ok for me to be a little vain for a moment?

Gold closed at $626.60 and silver closed at $13.785 per troy ounce yesterday.

If you have been around here for a while, you would know I suffer from a long term sinus infection. One of the symptoms of a sinus infection is a persistent cough that really produces nothing but feels like it should. It’s different than an asthmatic cough. And it’s not like the cough you get when you get a cold. It’s closer to the asthmatic cough. Well my specialist has finally referred me to an ENT. We’ve tried several different cocktails to get them to drain and it’s not happening. It was hard to tell from the X-rays if there was an obstruction so I’ve had a CT-Scan of the sinus cavities. I will be going to see the ENT on Jan. 9th. I’ll report results later.

This persistent cough had derailed exercise plans I had started in January. I had set a goal of loosing 50 pounds. I didn’t say when, I just said I wanted to loose it. I’ve lost 25 so far. And it’s a plateau. I’ve been stuck there for two weeks. Well that’s changed a bit. I actually gained back a few pounds then dropped them right back off. But what is so cool is this. That gain then drop has changed a few things. My waist is 4 inches smaller than it was in January. I bought new jeans back in September. I measured before buying and when I got them, they fit great. My old jeans were nearly 2 years old and starting to really show their age. It was not weight loss that made me buy them, but need. Well, now these jeans fall down. I HAVE to wear a belt. This is what is soooo cool! I’m finally seeing a payoff for all the running, walking, lifting and leaving a little on the plate. No, I’m not dieting. Eating more sensible, but not dieting.

Go me!!


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