My ear hurts

According to a new book titled The Female Mind by Dr. Luan Brizendine, it is revealed that the average woman speaks around 20,000 words per day, as compared to just 7,000 or so from your average man. I’m one of those average men.

One of the reasons women talk more than men, according to Brizendine, all begins in the womb. Dr. Brizendine states, this inequality in verbal expression is the result of an actual physiological and hormonal difference in the way men’s and women’s brains develop and not from “male oriented” social influences prevalent today.

I knew the difference went just beyond the normally accepted differences. OK, maybe that makes me a little bit politically incorrect here. But I don’t care, this is just my opinion. AND, as a matter of fact, Dr. Brizendine also insists that women actually get a kind of heroin-like brain-chemical “buzz” from hearing their own voices! See, I was right when I thought women just spoke to hear themselves talk. They are all addicts! All those hours on the phone are just to maintain a high!

Guys, we don’t get off that easy, that the same brain chemistry that gives women the gift of gab provides the same mechanism that makes men and women talk at differing rates. It also provides us men the ability to become “deaf” to most women’s abilities to out talk us. Or maybe that’s a blessing depending on who you are married to. 🙂

How many more to go for the day … 6745!


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