Not sure how to title this

This past Sunday I attended our 9am service. We had an awesome message. What was awesome about it? Everything. OK .. I need to qualify that statement. The opening worship music set the mood. We sang a few Christmas carols. And a few other praise songs. Then our teaching/preaching time came. In the past our former pastor told us what to think and supported that with fill-in-the-blank programs and supporting Bible verses. We never read passages from the Bible. Well this past Sunday we actually opened out Bibles and read. Our teaching pastor read out loud from the Bible! I wanted to stand up and cheer! He then took the passage we read and broke it down, he gave history and gave application. And then he did it a second time. It was truly a teaching time. Reading the Word! Imagine that! Reading God’s word in church! The power of God’s truth isn’t in one man’s word, it is in the
Word. The message itself was powerful as well! I will detail that another time. I just had to share the fact that we had a real Biblical teaching time.



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2 responses to “Not sure how to title this

  1. I have always..actually..we (wifey and I) have always been real fans of that pastor’s teaching style. I loved him in his old testament class and drink up all he has to say on Wednesday mornings.

    I am sorry I missed the sermon..

  2. I’m hoping I can pick it up from the book shop. I was hoping it would be online. But I have a feeling none of the recent services will be available online for some time.

    Like I said the coolest thing was actually opening the Bible and reading along. And then having it broken down in a way you could grasp and then the application was presented. Truly old-school teaching style. I loved it!

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