Still on track

Gold closed at $620.60 and silver closed at $12.51 … nice little drop before the end of the year buying. Maybe one more day of downward movement.

Back on November 1 I wrote that I had decided to take charge of my life and the changes in it. Ove course the changes are many. First I’ve actively moved into buying more gold and silver. Mostly silver at this point. I’ve started reading a book titled “The Essential Kierkegaard”. It’s a slow read, because I am trying to understand his mindset and the thought processes behind his writings. I’ve also been commited to my weekly Bible study so there is much more in the way of reading happening in my home. Less blog time, less net time, less tube time.

One of the other changes is the getting in shape. I don’t want to call it loosing weight, but changing shape is more accurate. Current stats: 262.6 pounds, 6’10”, 33.9% body fat and Hydration is 48%, BP 127/70 and RHR of 67 … Where was I months ago when I started? I can tell you my BP was about 140/80, my RHR was about 80, height is unchanged, but body weight is down. I started at 289. My weight has not gone down much lately, but the shape is changing. What’s cool is the new scale I bought to help track some of this stuff. Weight, pounds to go to goal, body fat %, hydration level and gobs of other things.

One of the other things I’ve been doing is listening to my Brain Evolution CDs. I was really skeptical that listing to these CDs would bring about changes. But why not try them? I have a 7 month free trial. If they don’t do anything at all for me, I get my money back! How cool is that? 7 months to try out something then return it if it doesn’t work. I listened several times and found the track irritated me at first. But as I continued to listen it calmed me. I would actually fall asleep listening. And that’s OK. You brain is still processing the binaural sounds layered underneath a front end track to modify brainwave activity. Each ear hears a different tone at different beats, yet the brain works both sides to bring the tones into harmony. I’m getting ready to start disc 3 in January. So far I have seen several positives going on. I’m going to keep with it. If you are interest in trying it check them out here – Brain Evolution System. And tell them I sent you … just kidding.

The exercise is the really big change. I go to the YMCA and lift 3 or 4 times a week … basically every other day. And on days I don’t lift I run. What I’ve noticed is how much better I feel. It wasn’t easy when I started it in January. As a matter of fact I quit by March. I picked it back up again in September and this time I’m sticking to it. I have to make the time to do it every day. Just like my prayer time and Bible study time. You have to make time for the important things. It means less PC time (which is good), less TV time (which is better) and more family time (which is the best). Now, plain and simple, I cannot diet. I just can’t. I love food. And to me, dieting is punishment. Why would I want to punish myself. But something had to change on the food side to make the exercise work. I modified my eating habits. I always eat breakfast now. I eat my lunch at 11am, I have a fruit or veggie or yogurt snack when I get home and then dinner around 5:30. I have 2 rules about this modified eating .. leave a little bit of everything on your plate and only take one serving. And that’s been soooo easy. Oh yeah … I take a fiber supplement 30 minutes before eating as well. I actually look forward to lifting and running. They are almost a reward … and it’s something we do as a family.


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