I suck at personal communications

There is no other way to put it. I need to listen better, be slower to speak. I need to try to understand what is being said to me first then respond. I can start out doing just fine, but when I feel confronted I start thinking ahead. I start twisting words to fit what I’m thinking. I would have been an excellent politician. Or at least done really well in debate in high school and college.

But talking with the wife and girls is not debate, it’s not politics either. It’s communications. And I suck at it. I’ve got a daughter going on 15 and she doesn’t tell me stuff because I don’t “listen”. My wife doesn’t tell me stuff because I don’t “listen”.

So starting today, I am going to work on being a listener. Someone who will listen, rephrase and question to understand before responding. Wish me luck, and if you believe in prayer, pray for me. This is a learned habit I am trying to break. Just like smoking, it can be overcome. I started exercising and I have lost weight. So I know I have discipline. I know I can do it. And I’m setting my mind to it.



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3 responses to “I suck at personal communications

  1. Miles Away

    I always say… get a list and give them what they want… everyone is happy in the end…

  2. it goes beyond just getting lists. you need to “listen”. not everything is “spoken”. and a list is just that, a list. yes it would be correct if completed as listed, but 99% of the time there is something on the list that is implied and will be muffed without listening and being in tune.

    it’s just me trying to be better … 🙂

  3. Alicia

    I think if you succeed, you could turn it into some sort of self-help infomercial or book and make millions. I have the same problem with the man in this house! I can even recite back the conversation and his answers and he’ll still claim I didn’t tell him something!

    Sometimes I like to talk but don’t want my husband to solve my problem and then get all irritated because I’m not interested in his solution! Bet that happens at your house, too!

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