First off I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We did. Kids got way too much again, like always. We are very blessed when it comes to family.

Gold closed at $634.10 and silver at $12.823 per ounce.

Ok .. now the why part …

Why are there braille keys on drive-up ATMs? Why do we put turn signals in cars if people refuse to use them? Why does the battery on my cell phone die just when I need it most? Why do we sell cigarettes at gas stations where there are no smoking signs posted everywhere? Why do we feel, as a nation, that we need to give up rights and freedoms to feel more secure? Why to we elect the people we elect? Why do we believe what we see and hear on TV? Why is the sky blue? Why do we eat at McDonalds and wonder why we got fat? I have not eaten there since September. Don’t miss it at all. Why do we give crappy Christmas gifts? Why to we say we like the crappy gifts we receive? I actually got some cool gifts for Christmas and for my birthday (yesterday). On my days off, why can’t I sleep in? Why does my back hurt today? Why do we believe everything our teachers taught us (just got a new book called Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen)? Why do we not care when people get caught in lies? Why do we continue to eat so much, get fat and still suffer from nutritional deficiencies? Why do we continue to let our government run this country into the ground? Why do we have to register our dogs, get driver licenses, get fishing licenses, get marriage licenses yet we can let anyone become a mommy or daddy? Why does gas change prices 3 times in one day? Why can’t my psychic friends give me the winning lottery numbers? Why doesn’t the spellchecker check to sea if eye used the write word? Why do they size men’s clothes with inches but women’s clothes have a number system that you have to use a chart to figure out? Why is a woman’s shoe size different than a mans? Why do we write this stuff and wonder why people want to read it?


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  1. Why do you write what you write?
    If you have ever picked up a pen and started writing…either a journal entry, a story, a poem etc. , where did you find your inspiration? Or do you believe that inspirations are not necessary to writing? Think about it, maybe we are inspired more than we realize or maybe we just aren’t good at identifying what inspired us in the first place?

    Maybe we don’t need inspirations ….maybe we just need subjects. But if that subject becomes the catalyst to our writings, doesn’t it become the inspiration? How can anyone actually define unusual activity of the mind or a stong impulse ? Is it not all relative and so, two people may be at the same place at the same time and be inspired very differently . I suppose you could akin childhood memories to this concept….siblings being at the same place at the same time but remembering very different things or people in a plane crash who after have very different memories of the event. Are inspirations for writing not much of the same?

    Have you ever found that something inspired you but only for a short time because some other inspiration came along that was much stronger?

    So that makes me think….what exactly has inspired me to write ? Each day I blog, I suppose something inspires me to go in a certain direction. Maybe I should pay more attention to what inspires me…just for curiosity sake. I could make a list of my inspirations. But to be truthful, I am not sure that I would really know what they are or were.

    I think it would it be a waste of time to make that list, instead I will just move on and wait for the next…Inspriration to hit… and get writing. What will be YOUR inspiration for today?

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