Ok, what next?

Gold and silver tally for last week: Gold closed at $635.20 up $16.10 and silver closed at $12.818 up $0.31.

Alrighty then, I got the Christmas lights are down … the tree and the oranaments are down. None of it has made it to the attic yet.

New Years is over …  all the hub bub for a let-down of a holiday. New Years just flat out sucked! I wish my office was open today so I could just go on in there and pout about how shitty it was and not have to deal with any of the people who made it shitty.

I usually write up a list of things to improve upon for the next year. This year is no exception. I should start with a review of last year’s improvements … lose weight … did that. 26 pounds. I will be putting that that back on this year’s list as well. Another 20 pounds would be great. Read the Bible through in a year. Didn’t make it. I’ll start again this year. Get bills paid down. I paid 2 off and added 1. Does that count? My debt ratio hasn’t gone up! I guess that’s the good news. Hence the starting of a debt reduction program this year. Ever hear of John Cummata? He’s got a systematic way to do it without borrowing money, without bankruptcy … you can do it with what you make. No extra jobs .. just making hard choices. I’ll let you know how that goes. Listening … I am on a journey here. I need to become a listener. I need to stop being a fixer. I hear a problem and instantly start trying to fix. I need to let those around me voice and fix their own problems. I need to listen to my wife and kids. Understand what they need and ask how I can help. I guess I need to become a passenger and not the driver all the time. I should just sit back and wait to be asked to drive.

I’ll grow this list as time permits …


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