It’s a new day!

Even though the market was closed yesterday, it still didn’t stop those who control the markets to change things up … gold closed at $639.70 (+4.40) and silver closed at $13.150 (+0.332) yesterday! A really great day for silver!

Well every day is a new day. I think what makes my day newer than the usual new day is attitude. I think I know what it was that got me down. Me! Well not me in general, but I have been exercising seriously since late September/early October. Every other day I lift. On the lift days I walk with Shadow, on my non-lift days we run. I was running on the treadmill (boring .. kinda) but decided to take an outdoor run with the dog one evening and it has stuck. We did 1.4 miles in 20 minutes that first time. And we loved it! That’s almost pace with what I was doing on the treadmill. And when we got back, Shadow drank 1/2 a bowl of water, plopped down on the floor and didn’t move. She was whipped!!

Back to what I think created the negative mind set for me. Exercise is a habit. And when any habit is mucked with we get out of sorts. Well, the Y was closed Christmas Eve and Christmas day .. Christmas Eve was supposed to be a lift day. Didn’t get there before they closed. So I lost a session there. And with everything going on I didn’t even get to run with Shadow. Christmas day was an “off” day as well. I tried to get back into the routine between Christmas and New Years, but again, the Y closed early on New Years Eve and was closed New Years day. Yesterday was really my first full day back on my routine. It was a great lift session. AND Shadow even got a 2.4 mile walk yesterday after dinner! I slept great. Shadow hardly moved last night. And today I feel great! Not sure what it is, but the exercise makes me feel better.

Oh yeah, I weighed in this morning, 260.2 pounds, 44% hydration and 28% body fat. I thought I had gained with all the “treats” and the snacking done between the holidays! Well I know at one point I did weigh in heavier, but to see 260.2 this morning was great!

Only down side to this is the fact that everyone is on the “I’m going to get in shape” mindset because of a New Year’s resolution. My routine normally takes 40 minutes … it took almost an hour. I had to wait for several machines, and noticed my heart rate dropping between sessions. Come mid-February people will start dropping off one by one … 🙂 then things will settle back down.


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