New faucet

Well the metals market is always surprising and hard to predict. Gold dropped and silver rose? What’s up with that? Usually they march together. Gold closed at $623.90 and silver closed up at $12.727 per ounce.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. It started great! I got up on time. Got my shower. Shaved with no nicks or cuts! Even my bad haircut looked good. Went down to let Shadow out and pack up my lunch for work. Here’s where it all goes south … I turned on the kitchen faucet. It fell off in my hand. The water was on, but would not shut off. There were two courses of action, get pissed and start fixing it or the alternative. I decided the alternative was better. What’s the alternative? Get pliers, adjust the temp, do the dishes, clean everything I can then shut off the water under the sink. So I did … and then when I went under the sink to shut off the water .. no shut off. I had to turn the water off to the whole house. So I did. I then went back to the kitchen and was able to use needle-nose pliers to close the faucet. I was able to turn the water back on. I turned out the lights, packed up to head into work and noticed I was going to be late unless I hit every green light. I did. Doesn’t seem bad yet does it?

Well it doesn’t get worse until I get a message from my wife that I forgot to leave an answer on the table for one of my daughter’s science homework questions. And she wanted to know how she was supposed to get anything done in the kitchen with a broken faucet. I called her back … after she had already taken daughter to school. So that was no help to them. And I told her I had already done dishes … BUT I forgot they (wife and kids) would dirty more getting ready for school.

I went out to lunch (not to eat but errand run) at Lowes and Home Depot. And had no luck finding the replacement parts I needed. I went back to work and ate my bagged lunch. I left a little early and went home. I took the faucet apart after getting the shut-off valves in. Took the pieces and started a quest. I tried a different Lowes and Home Depot. I tried Ace Hardware in Centerville and Kettering. I tried A-Atherton (who by the way is the best pluming shop in town) and they didn’t have it, I tried Hughes and Pickrel as well. No luck. Price Pfister has a great warranty. I could get the parts for free if I called them. But then I’d have to faucet.jpgwait almost a week for the parts. I resigned to the fact that I needed to buy a new faucet. I didn’t get home in time to go with my family to the Y (hey, what’s up with that? they are going now as well?). Hooked up with wife and kids there, squeezed in a mini-set of my workout and then went to Home Depot to buy the faucet. Started with the cheap $60 chromed replacement faucet, and worked up from there. I finally ended up with another Price Pfister. It matches the faucets I put in the tub/shower and sink in the bathroom when I remodeled in 2005. It cost $109 and I picked up a bottle of stainless steel polish for the sink to remove hard water stains .. no point putting a new faucet in if the sink looks old, right? So after I got the sink clean I put in the faucet … only to discover the hook-up hoses would not seal on the new faucet .. I guess the rubber gaskets had conformed too much to the old faucet. Back to Home Depot for new hoses. I wrapped everything up by 9pm. AND had time to walk the dog.


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