Why diet?

First things first. Gold closed the week at a new low of $604.90 and silver ended at $12.130. Great prices to buy at for both. Of course you can hold out and hope for a drop on Tuesday. Monday we’ll see a climb but it looks like there might be another drop on Tuesday. Possibly below $600 for gold and around $12 for silver.

OK, on to my question – Why diet? It’s die spelled with a “t”. It’s a form of self-torture .. or self-punishment. You are miserable, people around you get miserable because you are miserable. People in the same house get cranky because their favorite foods are no longer being bought. You end up throwing foods away because you can’t stand to eat them so they go bad.

How long did it take to gain the weight? Years? Look, losing weight boils down to one thing – you have to create a calorie deficit. There’s no little magic pill that will “melt” the fat away. You have to move. And when you begin to move you create the deficit. That means you burn more calories than you take in. You can do this WITHOUT having to diet. I did! I started out last year at 287 pounds. I weighed in this morning at 258.6 pounds. I don’t diet. I can’t diet. I love to eat.

So how did I create my calorie deficit? I started to exercise. To loose a pound of fat you have to burn 3,500 calories. That’s easy to do. Example, I walk/run 30 to 45 minutes a day. That’s 350 – 500 calories. That’s 2,500 – 3,500 calories a week. That’s a pound of fat. A one to two pounds of weight loss a week is ideal. I started by walking for 30 minutes every day. And it winded me. Then I worked up to 45 minutes. Then I started to run a bit during my walks. I got up to 3.25 miles in 45 minutes. I’m not going any faster. But the weight loss slowed. My heart rate was not going up as high. I was getting in shape. I had to find things to keep up the calories burning. I started to lift weights in Sept. And I’ll be honest, at first it was embarrassing. I found out I had no upper body strength. But I kept at it. I’ve increased my strength by 30% since then. And if you walk/run with the weight training you burn calories faster and longer. Muscle will continue to burn calories AFTER you stop walking/running/lifting. For up to 20 minutes afterwards. How cool is that?

What’s interesting about this whole thing is with getting in shape is I started to eat better. Not less, better. Look, I still eat my Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts. I don’t plan on stopping either. But since I started, I’ve became aware of what I was eating. And with exercising I began to “craved” different foods. Healthier foods AND I’ve added fiber to my daily intake. I also take a vitamin supplement daily. The fiber fills you up faster and keeps you full longer. Not to mention is cleans out the digestive tract. I am currently taking in about 20g of fiber daily. I’m working up to 35g. And it’s not all that hard. Well actually it is hard to do. The problem is I don’t want to change what I eat. I like what I’m eating. Soooo … that means add more foods rich in fiber. I’m going to make a pot of bean soup today … that should help some.

So really, why diet? Get up off that computer, stop reading and start walking!


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