I am impatient

Bugger … gold and silver did not do what I had expected. Which is a good thing if you are a buyer. Both metals dropped but only after rising to the resistance points I mentioned yesterday. Gold closed at $611.60 and silver ended the day at $12.350. Maybe today (after hearing Bushwhacker’s speech last night) they will break through the resistance.

I have been known on occasion to be a bit impatient. It’s just who I am. I have expectations and I don’t think they are unreasonable. I take people at their word and feel I should be able to hold them to it. If that makes me impatient or “unwilling to wait” for someone else to live up to their end of an arrangement then “oh well”. Let me share a few examples:

I recently had a doctor appointment. I had to call, wait on hold for 5 to 7 minutes to speak with a receptionist. She proceeds to schedule my appointment. We look at both our schedules and come up with a time that works for both of us. I was told to show up about 20 minutes early to fill out paper work (new doctor, new year). I suggested that she mail the paperwork to me and I would have everything filled out when I got there. I even had a photocopy of my new insurance card and a copy of the insurance company’s letter explaining how the co-pay system works (I’m sure they’ve dealt with this company in the past and already knows how the co-pay system works, but I just wanted to be sure that I gave them everything they needed including my referral). I turned in my paperwork and referral when I arrived (I got there 10 minutes early just in case they needed to do any additional paperwork before I saw the doctor). They didn’t need anything else and said the doctor would see me in a few minutes and that I should have a seat. I sat. And I waited. After an hour, I got out my planner and wrote up a bill for $150, got up, walked over to the receptionist and handed her the bill. She asked what it was. I said it was a bill for my time. I told her that she and I arranged a specific time to see the doctor. That’s why it’s called an appointment, not an approximation. I explained that I had waited an hour (actually an hour and 10 minutes) and felt that we needed to reschedule. Perhaps we could find a time that would be more convenient for the doctor. She said they would have to bill me if I cancelled my appointment (which had already passed according to the clocks on their walls). I said that’s fine, you can take it off the $150 bill I just handed you. I don’t think she knew what to do. She asked me to wait a minute and disappeared around the corner. Before she could come back a nurse called my name. I went to ask her what she needed. She said the doctor would see me now. I told her the doctor has missed his appointment with me and that he would have to reschedule. I went back to the receptionist who was a bit shocked I didn’t go back with the nurse. By this time the office manager was there. We held a brief exchange and then the nurse called my name again … I ignored her.

Then the guy seated next to me nudged me and said “Hey, that’s you!” I awoke from my dream. I had only been seated for 15 minutes and had fallen asleep and dreamed the whole thing. 10 of those minutes were my fault because I got there early. I saw the doctor and spent about 15 minutes with him (I wonder what that’s going to cost me). I hope I don’t talk out loud in my sleep!

That was a long story I’d like to share another; I recently bought an item on eBay. (BTW: I love eBay. Their commercial is so true, whatever “it” is you will find “it” on eBay.) Usually I get a good buy. Sometimes you get a great buy. In this case I saved over $30 on “it” over the sales price and an additional 15% off, because of my coaching status, at a local sporting goods store. Yeah … “it” was a lot cheaper. So this was a great buy! Here’s the impatient part. I won the auction on 1/4/07 and paid on 1/4/07. The seller says he ships within 24 hours of receiving payment. I paid right away (the auction ended at 11:35pm and I paid at 11:57pm). That was last Thursday night if you were wondering. I made the assumption that the seller would ship on Friday (that was within the 24 hours, right?). What I didn’t count on was the seller not shipping until Monday. Why wait until Monday? That’s way past the 24 hours. Welllllll …. technically it’s not, not really. He had until 11:57pm Friday to ship the item. Sorry, no one is open at 11:57pm to accept shipments. He provided the tracking info and it was all done electronically. And it was generated on 1/5/07 (the day following the auction and my payment) but it was after 6pm. The package was picked up by UPS on the 8th. I get it today. I was hoping to have it Tuesday. Was that unrealistic? 🙂


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