Too much TV

I’m not really a TV addict, but since I’ve taken up running I’ve been watching more of it. Does that make sense? Let me explain. I bought a treadmill last January. Used it up until March. Fell off the fitness wagon when I developed my cough (which is gone by the way, I’ll blog that saga another time). And actually fell into a routine of avoiding physical activity. I started out last year at 287 pounds. Now at 6 foot 10 inches that’s not too bad. I can carry the weight. But honestly I look back and it was bad.

I was never a person concerned with diet or exercise. I wasn’t even concerned 3 years ago when my doctor said I have a high triglyceride level. It wasn’t until my daughter’s specialist said that based on my body shape he would not be surprised if I had high triglycerides and was possibly a pre-diabetic. No one in my family has ever had diabetes. It concerned me. But not enough to really get motivated to do anything about it. I tried cutting sugar from the diet but hated it. It wasn’t until December 2005 when I weighed in at 287 pounds. I was up 8 pounds from 2005’s January physical. And generally I just was not feeling good. I got home from the Dr. that December and resolved to loose weight. I tried. I really did. I started out going into work early and using the treadmills at work. I was doing it every other day. I had stuck with it to the point of thinking, “If I had one at home I’d use it all the time. I could get up, run, shower then go to work.” I talked myself into buying one. I used it until March last year … then developed my cough. I stopped. It wasn’t until September that I really started back up. And now I don’t miss a day. I either run with Shadow outside or on the treadmill.

It’s the treadmill running that got me started on watching TV. Yesterday I watched an hour of Battlestar Galactica while I ran. Yep! An hour. Warm up for about 7 minutes, go to 4mph for about 20 minutes, then 5mph for about 10 minutes then back to 4mph for about 15 minutes then cool down from 4mph to 3mph over 8 minutes. Or something like that. And time flew by. It didn’t seem like an hour. Tonight I’ll run to 24. The cool thing is the treadmill has it’s own TV screen. Yep! I use it.

Like I said, the treadmill has me watching TV again. I watch BSG, 24, The Unit, Soccer (but not while running .. just can’t do it .. I tried), Men in Trees and something else. But instead of sitting, I am running while watching. But it’s way too much. TV. I’m afraid that I’ll plop down and just watch instead of running.


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