Oh Yeah! Now I remember!

Interesting interesting interesting! Gold closed at $627.10 and silver at $12.608. I’m going from memory so those might be wrong, but they are close. I think the correction has begun. We’ve taken a dip yesterday, and we have set points to watch. Gold has to hold above $625 and silver has to hold $12.50. If they do, watch for gold to hit $650 in the next week. Silver has to push through $13.25 to hold on to it’s corrected value.

OK, so what do I remember? One of things I wanted to do this year was clean out the clutter. It starts this evening. I’m starting in the computer room. I’m not trashing things, I’m going to sell it on eBay. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’ve got the digital camera ready to start snapping photos. Dusted off the ad writing skills and ready to start listing. I’ve got tons of parts, books, and shtuff to get rid of. No more clutter!

Once the computer area (it’s a part of family room so it’s not really a computer room) is emptied cleaned and organized I will be moving on to the garage. I started by putting all the Christmas shtuff up in the attic yesterday. I didn’t get it all, but I did get most of it. The goal is to get the Pilot parked in the garage. And I’ve got shtuff in there to sell as well.

Next on the list is cleaning out my closets! This I am looking forward to. I no longer fit into some of my clothes. I can now get rid of them. I am never going back to being heavy (not fat, heavy) again. I went from wearing a 44/42 inch waist to 36/38. The 38s look good, the 36s are a little snug, but not tight. They feel like my 40s used to feel when I was a 44/42. On top of that I have stuff I’ll most likely never wear again. Concert t-shirts, corduroys, turtlenecks, trench-coat … I’ve never really cleaned out my closet. Ever. Well maybe once. I can’t find my flannel shirts so I must have cleaned it out. The goal? Less is more (less clothes means more space)!

I even think I have shoes in there … somewhere. I only need 6 pairs of shoes. I used to only need 3 .. my hiking boots, my sneakers and dress shoes. But I grew up! And now I need my black dress shoes and my brown dress shoes, my outdoor running shoes, my treadmill running shoes, my boots and a pair of loafers. OK my 7 pair if you add in my Rockport walking shoes. I have not worn them out yet. Do slippers count as shoes? If so then 8 pair. Oh yeah I have a pair of sneakers in the garage I wear for yard work … so that’s 9 pairs. Oh yeah there is also a pair of insulated boots in the garage as well. 10 pairs. Wow I feel feminine all of a sudden! Look out Imelda Marcos! I guess that’s easy to do in a house full of girls … wife, daughter1 and daughter2 and dog. All female, all the time. I think I need to go hunting and kill something to restore my masculinity. Well maybe not. I can look down now and see it (… the belly is out of the way …).

Oh yeah! AND now I remember what my toes look like when I stand up!! 🙂



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2 responses to “Oh Yeah! Now I remember!

  1. when you post your stuff to ebay let me know

  2. will do! there will computer parts, cameras, lenses … you name it

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